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Our mission in this office is to provide every human being the ability to function at their optimal potential. 
We do this by restoring the communication from brain to body through the removal of vertebral subluxations.

You'll Feel Better From the Inside Out!

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    Dr. Stefanie Kleinfeld Marko

    Dr. Stefanie Kleinfeld Marko grew up in New York and attended the University of Vermont from which she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science. Dr. Stefanie has a special place in her heart for animals. She enjoys horseback riding as a hobby and her family has had many animals including cats, dogs, horses and tortoises. Dr. Stefanie has a passion for taking care of children and babies. This passion has lead her to take care of generations of families in the local community. To her, serving the population of Vermont through Chiropractic is an honor.

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    Dr. Richard Marko

    Dr. Richard Marko grew up in New Jersey, and attended Rutgers University from which he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business. Dr. Richard enjoys woodworking and metalworking, however his favorite pastime is rebuilding and driving antique automobiles. He is a former college athlete and is a big fan of professional football and baseball. He has a passion for helping people and has enjoyed every minute of his years serving the community of Vermont through Chiropractic.

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    Dr. Jason Marko

    Dr. Jason Marko grew up in Shelburne, Vermont and attended the University of Maryland from which he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science. Dr. Marko received his doctorate at Life University in Marietta, Georgia, the largest chiropractic college in the world. He decided to return to the community he grew up in and serve the people.


  • They are great. I’ve been seeing Dr Jason for about a year now and my back has never felt better. Thanks for everything you do.

    - Nate S.
  • I’ve been seeing Stephanie and her family for 10 years. I moved an hour away in the meantime, and continue to make the drive for my families chiropractic needs. They are an extension of family. #Loyalty

    - Karly R.
  • Drs. Marko are 2 of my favorite people...especially Dr. Stefanie. They sure know what they'really doing with chiropractic care. We have been adjusted by the Markos for 31 years. I highly recommend them.

    - Candy S.
  • Dr. Jason is excellent! He fixed chronic neck pain I had endured for years in a matter of seconds. I’m very impressed with how this practice cares for its patients and treats them like people in the community. I highly recommend everyone seek this type of medical care. 👏

    - Christal F.
  • Wonderful practice!! Amazing staff who is very kind, understanding and caring! I highly recommend them and their services.

    - Carly B.
  • Dr. Jason is great! Highly recommended!

    - Dylan H.
  • Even when living out of state I would travel back to Dr Rick to be adjusted. I have been a client of Dr Rick's for around 25 year and have never been disappointed!

    - Holly S.
  • Wonderful service!!! They are so dedicated to helping others out and caring for their patients!!!
    Very loving family!!!

    - Barbara D.
  • Love this office! Everyone is very friendly and welcoming. They are amazing with kids. I drive an hour to be seen here, thats how amazing they are . I recommend them to everyone.

    - Bre D.
  • By far the most welcoming, warm-hearted set of doctors I've met. If you are wanting personalized care this is the place for you. Very flexible, with appointments, plus walk ins are welcome!!

    - Haley M.
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